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FOR FILM SUBMISSIONS (if you are seeking to have a film or films reviewed, please include the following information in your message and read the guidelines. I, or my press rep Angie, will contact you as soon as possible)...


As of March 3rd, 2014, JHO is changing the way review submissions are handled. Submissions will continue to be accepted free of charge, but only with an understanding that non-paid submissions will be gotten to if and when I can (usually within a six-week timeframe). If a piece meets a certain level of quality and is deemed by me to be the type of film that could best benefit from a formal review, then it will be reviewed. Screeners mailed out will not be returned and there is no guarantee of a review.  

There are five very good reasons for why you should pay for a review. Please consider the paid service ($12 donated through Paypal -- non-refundable unless I refuse to follow through with the review as agreed upon), which gives you...

#1) A guaranteed, full-length review: If I don't get one posted, you get your money back. NO, PAYING FOR A REVIEW DOES NOT GUARANTEE A GOOD REVIEW. PLEASE READ THAT AGAIN AND REMEMBER IT. You are paying to get your work online from an objective, unbiased, dispassionate perspective from someone who has reviewed movies for years and understands the mechanics of film criticism. I watch every movie from start to finish.  

#2) A two-week turnaround time: It will be quicker to see a review posted online (faster if an agreed-upon date can be set). 

#3) A mailed-back screener you can use again: I will mail any DVD screener sent out to me back to you (continental United States only). 

#4) An option for a feedback-only review: This means that the review will consist of email thoughts and comments on the film rather than a review posted online. Should the film fail to make a passing grade of C+ or above, it won't have to be posted online (no negative press). Think of it as "damage control" insurance. 

#5) Assurance that your project is given top priority: You are assured that with the added benefit of helping pay for the site and my time, this completes the circle of helping me help indie causes. 

Please understand that no one respects indie films more than I do, but so many of them simply struggle to pass as presentable works. Short films, film projects, jokes, and flippantly sent catalogs of films to review are weeded out this way. I am trying to make the best of my time. Thanks for your understanding.

If you are wanting to have a film reviewed, please include film name, directors, writers, performers, runtime, website URL, categories, and screener URL with password (if applicable).    

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